Thank you for visiting my blog!

My name is Shirokuma!


Currently working as a site supervisor at a construction site (some listed companies)

Salary: About 6.5 million yen per year

Hobbies: Games, manga, and cooking

As a construction supervisor

I joined a construction company and work as a supervisor at construction sites around the country.

I am currently working as a site supervisor at a construction site!

We are focusing on incorporating IT and ICT at construction sites.

What led me to focus on IT/ICT

As anyone who works at a construction site will understand, when you're young, it's inevitable that craftsmen will ask you to do various things.

I was moving around the site, and before I knew it, it was evening and I couldn't do my job at all. . .

I think there are many things like that. (I'm sure there are people who don't)

While I was working at my first site, moving every day, carrying luggage and cleaning,

I lost 15 kg in 3 months. (While I am happy to have lost weight, it was also physically and mentally difficult.)

After a year of busy days, I'm starting to feel a little more at ease on set, and I feel a little more at ease.

When it was completed, the company came to talk about IT and ICT at the construction site, so that we could work on it at the construction site in the future.

There were some suggestions that I would like to do. (It was a trial thing)

At first, I only managed photos using photo management software, but now I have researched various things.

We are currently at the stage where we are working on this little by little in consultation with the cost.

By incorporating IT and ICT at the construction site, I was able to make more time for myself.

How I started blogging

The reason I started this blog was through discussions with people at other construction sites and construction site supervisors from different companies.

When we talked about IT and ICT, people often asked, "What is that?"

I had to work a lot of overtime, so I could feel that my time efficiency was poor.

So, I started a blog because I thought it would be a good idea to spread the word and find out more things that can be used at construction sites.

There may not be many construction supervisors who read my blog, but I hope I can share even a little bit of information with you.

I'm not good at writing, but I'd appreciate it if you could read it.